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Lawton Financial Services are a financial services company based in the South East. We are a company that consists of many experienced and professional financial advisers and financial planners that provide a range of services to benefit our clients.

At Lawton Financial Services, we have a national client-base that comprises of a mixture of individual clients to small businesses that require our proficient financial services and advice to help them get the most out of their money. We base our success on two main principles; integrity and professionalism that is accompanied with a creative approach to financial planning.

We are a company that truly believes in a high-quality service. Our advisers look to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Value Move %
FTSE 100
7529.35 75.6 1.014
FTSE 250
18408.65 175.18 0.961
FTSE 350
4136.8 41.24 1.007
FTSE All Shares
4094.48 40.68 1.004
Dow Jones
36245.5 294.609 0.819
14305.032 78.813 0.554

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